On the Difference Between I.e. and E.g.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an old post from Grammar Girl:

E.g. means “for example,” so you use it to introduce an example: I like card games, e.g., bridge and crazy eights. Because I used e.g., you know that I have provided a list of examples of card games that I like. It’s not a finite list of all card games I like; it’s just a few examples.

On the other hand, i.e. means “in other words,” so you use it to introduce a further clarification: I like to play cards, i.e., bridge and crazy eights. Because I used i.e., which introduces a clarification, you know that these are the only card games that I enjoy.

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Progressive Life

Tepat seperempat abad sudah saya jalani dengan baik – paling tidak ini yang saya pribadi rasakan, dan lagi “baik” itu kata sifat yang sangat subjektif, jadi tidak ada yang perlu diperdebatkan di sini. Yang ingin saya angkat di hari jadi seorang Glenn Nathaniel Kaonang yang ke-25 ini adalah bagaimana hidup ini berjalan layaknya musik beraliran metal progresif, seperti yang biasa dibawakan oleh band Dream Theater – bagi yang tidak tahu, itu lho yang personilnya gondrong sepunggung semua.
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Jakarta 10 Years from Now

I moved to Jakarta in July 2012, not long after I graduated from college. The first time I arrived, it was just like what I expected. Heavy traffic can be seen almost everywhere, and it gets worse from time to time. The way I see it, Jakarta is facing a big, complex problem – the government, and not even Jokowi, the newly-appointed governor with such fame, could solve the problem that easy. Continue reading

One Month with the iPhone 5

Many people see me as an Apple fanboy, and judging from my work so far at T3 Indonesia’s website, it’s safe to say that I’m sort of it. However, I’ve always wanted to make it clear to people that I’m not anyone’s fanboy. I love Apple. I love Google. I also love Microsoft and any other big names in the tech industry. Continue reading

The Problem with PlayStation 4

Ah Sony, so desperate that they announced PlayStation 4 without showing how the product will look like. Instead, they showed off the newly designed controller that has a touchpad and the ridiculously thought sharing button so that people will post stuff like “Hey, I’ve just crushed someone’s head using an ice chipper in Sleeping Dogs. Come join me to battle against the Triads.” on their Facebook page. It is this kind of move that puts the industry into shame. Technology should have brought awe to the audience and pride to the people behind it. What Sony did is actually showing their fear of the competition. Continue reading

Translation Is Easy, Really

So it’s been almost seven months since I started my first professional career as an editor at T3 and PC Gamer Indonesia. My main duties include translating the contents of T3 UK Magazine, and sometimes composing my own articles, such as what game I’m playing at the moment, or event coverages. Continue reading

Hugo Barra on Google Now: A Wired Interview

Hugo Barra:

“It’s very deliberately not making jokes with you. Google is a neutral party — it’s not your friend, secretary or sister. It’s not your mom. It’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is an information retrieval entity. You ask, we respond. And it’s very important that this entity be impartial, and adding jokes and other mannerisms to the voice would take away from that.

It’s something that we’ve talked about, and it’s pretty clear. There hasn’t been a single person in the company who thinks we should have gone the other direction.”

I know what Google is doing with Google Now is not trying to replicate Siri like what Samsung is doing with S-Voice. Google Now is heading toward the right direction. And that’s improving Google’s first product, Google Search. I just love the fact that Google has no idea of making Google Now a “personal assistant”. That’s merely a gimmick for me.